Study in Germany
Land of Ideas
Germany is known as land of ideas with 103 Nobel Prize winners in the field of science and literature. Education, science and research play a central role here. Germany is one of the countries most preferred by International students, a hub of cutting-edge international research and a constant source of new patents. Germany is the third largest in terms of patent registration in the world. To name a few inventions - Aspirin, Phenol, MP3, Diesel Engine, Tachometer, Electromagnetic radiation, Gauss, Hertz, Ohm, Roentgen, X-ray Crystallography, Automobile, Zeppelin all come from Germany. For more information please visit:
High Quality education in low tuition fees
Germany is Synonymous with Quality. This holds true even in the field of education. Most of the Universities or colleges are state funded. The Faculties are highly qualified. German universities provide education for international student without taking any tuition fees or low tuition fees. Most of Universities in Germany are providing tuition free education whereas very few universities charged tuition fees at state funded institution which are around €500. Student has to buy semester ticket for unlimited usage of public transportation, in and around the university town, which cost around €25 to €150.
World’s 3rd Largest Economy
Germany is the world’s third largest economy Germany is the largest economy in the European Union. With the highest GDP and the largest number of inhabitants in the EU, Germany is Europe’s most important market. Gross Domestic Product comes to EUR 2,423 billion (2007), GNP per capita is EUR 29,455. Germany is the world’s leading exporter: the volume of goods exported came to EUR 969 billion in 2007.
Close links between theory & practice
All universities in Germany have well equipped laboratories where research works are done. Also they have tie ups with respective companies where student can join for their final thesis in the form of paid internship. Students will have more practical experience with the latest modern technology. As a result they will get both theoretical and practical experience during their studies
Excellence in research & teaching
The policymakers and universities have taken the initiative, with a series of reforms to adapt the university system to the new international standards. These innovations are in the process of fundamentally shaking up the German academic world. Each big name university tries to give itself a keener profile, and various rankings on university quality and popularity enhance competition.

The so-called “Excellence” initiative for German universities also furthers this goal, too. For five years, the universities selected by an independent group of experts together receive just short of EUR 2 billion. The money is dedicated to promoting post-grad schemes, outstanding centers in specific fields of research.
Job search visa after completion of study
After completion of Master degree from German university, German government allows 18 months job search visa and once have the job offer and B2 level of German language, one can apply for Blue card. For more information visit:
The leading industrial nation with huge job market
Germany is leading industrial nation in the world with huge job market. There are 32 Fortune 500 companies based from Germany and it is second largest Exporting country in the world. The total population of Germany is 82 millions and population growth rate is -0.1%. So the unemployment rate of Germany is near about 5%. Germany is world’s third and Europe’s first economic power with largest manufacturing machinery technology.
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