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Who we are and what we do

FuturaCampus is a truly international education and study abroad recruitment group.  That is why we are able to provide comprehensive global solutions for study abroad, work abroad and investment abroad programmes.  So, our work is all about supporting you if you are a student or professional embarking on a global venture.  We achieve this firstly through our unique range of academic pathways, career pathways and investment pathways.  In addition to that, we deliver professional development services locally while at the same time offering online degree programmes and services.  Finally we accompany you as a students, career-seeker or investors to realize your full potential in furthering individual academic and professional career objectives in the context of international relocation.

Our vision

A global community of microcampuses and career resource centres that creates unique education and career opportunities and makes them accessible to all people.

Our mission

To make international quality education accessible to young people all over the globe at an affordable price, delivering the best international academic and training programs both online and offline and across international borders.

Study Abroad Programs

No matter whether you are a student in Australia looking for a boardning school programme in Europe or a European student looking for a semester abroad in paradise during your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, we are most likely to have a solution for you as well as a local partner where you can get full advice on all steps you need to take to realise your plans.  At present students from over 100 countries are finding that this is one of the most exciting and beneficial ways to explore new countries and cultures.  Explore our destinations in the search engine which includes study abroad programmes in Australia, Austria, Canada, Croatia, The Caribbean, Cyprus, Germany, Finland, France, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, New Zealand, Mauritius, The Netherlands, Russia, Slowakia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom, UAE and the United States of America.  In Germany for example you may access any state or private university programme through the leading pathway provider EIIE based in the capital, Berlin.

Work Abroad Programs

If you are done with studying and are looking to move abroad with a new job or career then our range of work abroad programs will be sure to give you a dose of inspiration.  Whether it be an internship, a traineeship program, a top-up program with professional recognition for integration into the workforce or just straight employment we have a range of excellent programmes in Germany and a handful of other countries.  The search engine for these programmes will be launched later on this year.  If you would like some advice on possible opportunities contact us and send us all relevant documents for a first free assessment.

Investment Abroad Programs

The investment programs abroad fall into three main categories: buying real estate, setting up a company for the purpose of regional expansion, acquiring an existing company and finally immigration related investments.  A range of services are available depending on the investment type and location you are looking at ranging from market intelligence concerning the relevant industry, purchase target scouting and due diligence if you are considering buying an existing company.  Business and legal associates accompany you through all necessary stages of the company foundation or purchasing process offering invaluable advice on tax and legal aspects of any investment proposition you may be considering. Investment pathway packages also add a range of important services such as relocation for your family as an entrepreneur as well as training in the necessary language skills before or during your move abroad.  The search engine for these programs is presently being built and will be released later this year.  Until then feel free to contact us with your concerns on any investment you are planning making abroad.  
Our Values


We measure our own success by that of our students and clients


We never give up fighting for the success of our students and clients


We discuss problems and challenges openly to reach optimal solutions


We always keep our promises and don’t make promises we can’t keep


We adapt our strategies to meet new challenges always find solutions


We are committed to maintaining the highest standards in our work

German Language School Berlin German Language School Berlin
Saptarshi Saha went from India to study in Germany in 2021. Click here to find out more about his experience…
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    Quality International Education. Anyplace, anytime.

    Every week FuturaCampus showcases one of its partner organisations in a worldwide live event. You can tune in if you are interested in studying, working or investing abroad and looking for some kind of orientation on what is best for you. Each event has a special feature desintation and many are co-sponsored by our partner institutions from all over the globe. Find out more about the opportunities awaiting you and how you can jumpstart your career into warp-speed mode.

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