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FuturaCampus has a unique range of pathways to generate your success.  We are an education company with a far-reaching worldwide network of partner institutions including corporations, schools, universities, distance learning providers, vocational training colleges, career counsellors and study abroad specialists. This unique combination in combination with our exclusive range of academic, career and investment pathways enables us to fulfil our promise of supporting students, career-seekers and investors to set foot in new destinations and markets abroad thus helping you to unfold your full potential.

Academic Pathways

Depending on your study destination, we can offer you a huge range of opportunities from within our established network of partner universities across the planet. Whether you want to study Architecture in Zambia or Zoology in Australia, we have a solution! Check our database to find out what opportunities we can offer you!

Career Pathways

According to official data, more than 150 million people cross borders each year to follow their chosen profession or career. Sometimes the easiest way to transition to a career abroad may be through a traineeship or internship. Through our network, we can support you in your endeavors to combine lucrative job opportunities with residence perspectives abroad. If you are a trained professional and need support with the recognition of qualifications abroad, we may be able to help you.

Investment Pathways

If you wish to internationalize your business and gain international mobility and flexibility while doing so, you must find out more about our investment pathways, ranging from real estate projects to the acquisition and takeover of successful companies. Find out what lucrative companies and properties are for sale today and what opportunities for permanent residence abroad are available for you and your family.