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Who we are

FuturaCampus is an international education and student recruitment group for study and work abroad that supports students and professionals from all over the globe to navigate their future in terms of education and career advancement. In addition to locally delivered programmes and services, we also support students and career-seekers in international relocation to realize their full potential in furthering individual academic and professional career objectives.

Our Mission

is to make international quality education accessible to young people all over the globe at an affordable price, delivering the best international academic and training programs both online and offline and across international borders. We believe that all people deserve to have access to the same opportunities regardless of their economic background, race, sex, age and religion. We achieve this in partnership with a global network of schools, universities, education and career counsellors as well as through local Microcampuses. These microcampuses are lean learning centres that support students and career-seekers in preparing for and participating in their chosen educational and career orientation programmes. Our partners and staff are dedicated to supporting our students along their road to success.

What we do

  • give global assistance to students, career-seekers and investors seeking their future abroad
  • provide solid career guidance based on three decades of scientific research
  • evaluate opportunities on academic qualifications, previous experience and proposed budget
  • analyze career objectives while providing realistic guidance for manageable opportunities
  • map out pathways to success based on a full-service approach
  • cooperate with renowned schools and universities to provide a superlative range of choices
  • liaise with distinguished corporations and entrepreneurs worldwide

Our Values

  • HUMILITY: We measure our own success by that of our students and clients
  • DEDICATION: We never give up fighting for the success of our students and clients
  • TRANSPARENCY: We discuss problems and challenges openly to reach optimal solutions
  • TRUSTWORTHINESS: We always keep our promises and don’t make promises we can’t keep
  • STEADFASTNESS: We express determination in everything we do and work hard to achieve it
  • ZEAL: We pursue opportunities with enthusiasm and strength of mind and will to succeed
  • FLEXIBILITY: We adapt our strategies to meet new challenges always find solutions
  • PROFESSIONALISM: we are committed to maintaining the highest standards in our work

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