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Over 100 institutions

FuturaCampus maintains its Corporate Headquarters in Berlin, Germany and is responsible for the global business development strategy of the Group. HQ manages all contractual relationships of the Group with its partner schools, partner universities and global franchise partners. At present we have an active membership of over 100 institutions in more than 30 countries.

Global franchise partners

Global franchise partners/JVs of the FuturaCampus Group operate in a defined region with two major objectives. The first is to develop and nurture an active association with local educational institutions including schools and universities. The second is to promote the educational products of the members of the FuturaCampus global network which presently comprises an extensive system of worldwide partnerships in 5 continents, built up over almost 30 years. The goal is to melt international boundaries in the wake of international student mobility.

Institutional members

Institutional members of the Futur@Campus Group include both educational as well as corporate partners. Educational partners provide unique content in the form of global education opportunities while our corporate partners offer exciting and unique traineeships, internships and employment opportunities.