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At FuturaCampus our core concern is to empower you to make the right career decisions, follow these up with choices in education and to choose the perfect location for your studies. This is why we bring Bachelor’s, Master’s and MBA programmes to your armchair. Here you can complete your studies at up to 80% discount off the normal tuition fees. The moment you are ready to fly abroad to study on campus, you can transfer all credit points earned online and continue up to graduation on campus abroad. You can earn a German and/or British degree and also be awarded stayback rights in the EU provided that you complete a minimum of one semester on campus.
This does not just reduce your study abroad living costs by up to 100% per annum, it gives you full flexibility over your academic progress and enables you to graduate into an awesome career abroad. Sign up with us online to find out where your local futura microcampus is, or just log in from home and start your study journey here and now.
Degree Programme BA MA MBA
Artificial Intelligence
Big Data Management
Business & IT
Business Administration
Computer Science
Cyber Security
Data Science
Digital Business
Engineering Management
Finance & Accounting
Industrial Engineering & Management
Information Technology Management
International Management
International Marketing
IT Management
Leadership Management
Marketing Management

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